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About Avoid Probate

A unique focus on helping people avoid probate was created to help people avoid or mitigate the increasingly onerous, complicated and expensive process of probate in the province of Ontario. We all know that it is illegal to evade taxes, but perfectly legal, and beneficial, to avoid excess taxation where possible.

The Ontario Estate Administration Tax, or “probate fee” as it is commonly called, is a tax on the estate of deceased individuals that can often be avoided by utilizing widely accepted and completely legal estate planning strategies. This is the focus of We have the expertise, accreditations and licensing to deal in investment products that many financial advisors and banks are not permitted to utilize. These are insurance-based investment products and they are not subject to probate because insurance companies and banks are governed by a different set of regulations.

We leverage these products on behalf of our clients to maximize the return on their assets while they are alive and ensure the swift and complete delivery of funds to their beneficiaries upon death, without the need for probate. And, in most cases, we do it without any cost to our clients. We are, in fact, a team of licensed estate planning experts who can handle all aspects of estate planning, but we focus on avoiding probate because we believe it is the cornerstone of effective estate management. And, it is the right thing to do for our clients.

avoid probate

A Message from the founder

“I achieved my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation twenty years ago. I have since become a Certified Senior’s Advisor (CSA), a Certified Executor’s Advisor (CEA) and I am a past board member of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFPs). I saw the changes the Ontario Government made to the Estate Administration Tax regulations in 2015 and realized that many Ontarians were going to lose large amounts of their estate just because they did not understand the rules. That did not seem fair.

Everyone should benefit as much as they can from the work and effort they put into amassing their estate and they should be able to leave as much of that estate as possible to their heirs. The government has the power to tax estates, and I have the power to help people avoid that tax. It is not magic, it’s knowledge derived from years of experience. My team and I want to share that knowledge with you.”

Jason Laidler

Let Us Assist You With Your Financial Future

Contact us for assistance with the planning of your estate plan. We will help to setup your affairs so that you can avoid the estate administration tax, otherwise known as the probate fee, and to ensures that your estate passes quickly and privately to those people and/or charities you wish to leave it to.

Call 1-844-NO-PROB8  (844-667-7628) or email us today for more info.

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